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PR01 12/24v Body Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Switch Control for LED Light


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Automatically control your lighting through body movement with this new technology of PR01 PIR motion sensor light switch. The passive infrared sensor measures infrared (IR) light radiating within its 120-degree field of view. This body motion sensor's dimensions are 18mm (D) x 12mm (H) and the control box size is 88mm (L) x 15mm (W) x 10mm (H).

This switch reacts to the presence of persons within 2/3 meter and automatically switch on the LED lights. Once the sensor stops detecting motion for 30-seconds the switch will turn-off. The power input takes a maximum of 30 Watt, 12 to 24 Voltage. This PIR motion sensor switch for LED lighting is suitable for wardrobe, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc.

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Body Material: Surface Mounted Passive Infrared
Power: 30W DC 12-24V Max Load
Sensing Distance: 10'
Sensor Size: 18mm (Diameter) x 12mm (H)
Control Box Size: 3.5" (L) x .59" (W) x .39" (H)
Operated By: Movement up to 2-3 meters
Application: Wardrobe, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen cabinet etc.