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.75" .75" female Thread .75" hole 10 gauge 10/2 landscape wire 10/2 low voltage landscape lighting wire 10/2 low voltage wire 10/2 wire 100-watt low voltage transformer 100-watt low voltage transformer with digital timer 100w low voltage transformer 10A DC transformer 10W 10w led SMD bulb 12 gauge 12 Gauge wire 12 inch 12" 12/2 12/2 low voltage landscape lighting wire 12/2 low voltage wire 12/2 wire 120 volt 120V 120v to 12v transformer 100w 120v to 12v transformer 200w 120v to 12v transformer 300w 120v to 12v transformer 600w 120v to 12v transformer 60w 120W DC Transformer 120W Transformer 12V 12V brick 12v led dimmer controller 12v led dimmer with remote control 12v pir motion sensor switch 12W 14 gauge 14/2 landscape wire 14/2 low voltage landscape lighting wire 14/2 low voltage wire 14/2 wire 15 amp 150V 15amp 15V 15V Transformer 16 gauge 16/2 landscape wire 16/2 low voltage landscape lighting wire 16/2 low voltage wire 16/2 wire 17 in post 17 in post with cap 17 inch 17 inch post 17 inch post with cap 2 Conductor 2 Conductor low voltage cable 2 watt 200-watt low voltage transformer 200-watt low voltage transformer with digital timer 200-watt low voltage transformer with timer 200w low voltage transformer 200w transformer multi tap 24 inch 24 key ir remote controller 24" 240v ac to 12v dc led driver 250 250 ft 2700K 2w 2w g4 led bi-pin 3000k 2W max. g4 bi-pin base led bulbs 3 watt 3.5 3.5W 3/4" 3/4" female 3/4" hole 30 channel dmx controller 300-watt low voltage transformer 300-watt low voltage transformer with digital timer 300-watt low voltage transformer with timer 3000k 300w DC low voltage dimmable transformer 300W DC Transformer 300w low voltage transformer 300w transformer multi tap 30w 30w dc transformer 30W LED Driver 3500K 3W 3W built in 3W candelabra 3w g4 led bi-pin 3000k 3w g4 led bulb 3w led E12 12v warm white 3W max. g4 bi-pin base led bulbs 4 inch 4 watt 4" LED 4" LED Recessed 4" LED Recessed Retrofit 4" LED Recessed Retrofit can 4" light 4000K 4W 4W built in 4W Edison 4w g4 led bi-pin 3000k 4w led E26 12v warm white 4W max. g4 bi-pin base led bulbs 500 500 ft 5000K 5000K Cool White 5CCT 5W 5w led mr16 12v warm white 6 6 core 6 core 250 ft wire 6 core wire 6 strand 6 strand 500 ft rgbw wire 6 strand wire 60 watt low voltage transformer 600-watt low voltage transformer 600-watt low voltage transformer with digital timer 600-watt low voltage transformer with timer 600w low voltage transformer 60W AC dimming Transformer 60w AC low voltage dimmable transformer 60W AC outdoor Transformer 60W AC Transformer 60W DC dimmable Transformer 60W DC dimming Transformer 60W DC outdoor Transformer 60W DC Transformer 60W dimmable transformer 60w low voltage dimmable transformer 6A 6A DC Transfromer 7 watt 72w dc transformer 7w 8 gauge 8/2 landscape wire 8/2 low voltage landscape lighting wire 8/2 low voltage wire 8/2 wire 90 90 cri 90 degree abs AC AC/DC accessories afci ah lighting alarm aluminum Aluminum AP1 Bracket aluminum channel aluminum channel holder for led strip light bar aluminum channel led strip aluminum channel rail end caps aluminum led rail aluminum wardrobe hanging rail aluminum wardrobe rail aluminum wardrobe rods ap59 automatic door ir sensor automatic door sensor infrared baffle baffled Baffled 3000K Baffled 4000K Baffled 5000K bi directional Bi Pin G4 LED black boost transformer bp1 brass bracket bracket Brass Breaker Brick brick light Bright White built in bulb Cabinet cable connector Cable wire nut Candelabra 12V carbon monoxide cct center bracket center support bracket central box central hub central wire hub central zone centre hanging bracket Changeable channel circuit Circuit Breaker closet closet rail end brackets closet rod end brackets closet rod holder Commercial Downlights compact connection wire Controller Cool Cool White copper corner corner aluminum channel corner channel corner profile corner strip light Coupling CRG wire CRG30 CRG30 rgb wire CRG31 CRG31 RGBW wire CSA Daylight Daylight Whit Daylight White DC DC Transformer detector digital Dimmable dimmable led driver dimmable power supply dimmable transformer Dimmer dimming power supply direct burial Directional dirt spike dirt stake display dmx controller decoder dmx decoder led strip dmx decoder light control down lights downlight downlights E12 12V E12 3w led 12V E12 3w led bulbs E12 candelabra E12 led 3w dimmable E26 12V E26 4w led 12V E26 4w led bulbs E26 Edison E26 Edison 12V E26 Edison 4w E26 Edison led E26 led 3w dimmable Edge Light edge strip light Edison 12V electronic led driver End Cap ETL extend extension extension coupling exterior female thread fixture coupling G4 G4 12v 20w halogen led replacement g4 2W led bulb g4 3W led bulb g4 4W led bulb G4 capsule led light bulb g4 led bulb 12v G4 led bulb 12v dimmable G4 led bulb 12v warm white g4 led bulb dimmable g4 led capsule bulb g4 led daylight bulbs g4 led light bulb dimmable garden light gfci GFCI Outlet Glass glass 3w led glass 4w led glass 5w led Grease Grease filled Wire Nut ground circuit Ground Spike ground stake hanging rail end brackets hanging rail for wardrobe heavy duty home home renovation house Hub System Indoor indoor light indoor lighting infrared door sensor switch infrared sensor switch infrared sensor switch for door install installation IP65 IP67 IR door sensor switch IR infrared body motion sensor IR Sensor Switch IR sensor switch for led lighting IR sensor switch led Juction box junction junction box kit kitchen cabinet downlights led kitchen downlight kitchen downlights led kitchen under cabinet counter led lighting landscape landscape lighting landscape wire landscpae LED led closet rod led dimmer controller led dimmer controller and remote led dimming driver led dimming transformer led dmx512 controller decoder dimmer LED driver led driver 120w led driver 30w led driver 30w 12v led driver 72w led driver/transformer 240v to 12v led landscape lighting led light led light strip controller 12v led lighted closet rod led lights led power supply 12v 120w led power supply 12v 30w led power supply 12v 72w led rail light end cap led rail light end caps LED Recessed LED Recessed Retrofit led recessed strip lights with aluminum channel and plastic lens led strip light aluminum channel led strip light cover led strip light diffuser cover led strip light dimmer unit with wireless controller led strip light holder led strip light plastic cover led strip light remote controller led strip light remote dimmer led strip lighting holder flat led strip lights frosted led tape lights with dimmer led under counter cabinet lighting led wardrobe rail leda4 Light Bulb light fixtures light stake lighting fixture stake lighting wire lights wire low voltage low voltage digital transformer low voltage landscape lighting wire low voltage landscape wire low voltage lighting low voltage outdoor lighting extension cable low voltage step down transformer LW6 magnetic transformer malibu lighting mighty post modern modern lighting monoxide detector mounting stake mr16 12v 5w led mr16 5w led mr16 5w led bulbs mr16 led 5w dimmable multi tap low voltage transformer multi tap transformer mx electronics mx lightforce mx transformer Natural White Neutral Neutral White new construction outdoor outdoor yard outlet oval centre bracket oval centre pillar bracket oval closet rail oval closet rod oval closet rod center support bracket oval closet rod end support brackets oval closet rod flanges oval end brackets oval rail centre bracket oval rail centre support oval rail end brackets oval rod holder bracket oval tube centre support oval wardrobe hanging rail oval wardrobe rail oval wardrobe rail brackets oval wardrobe rail centre support oval wardrobe rail end brackets oval wardrobe rail end support bracket oval wardrobe rail fittings oval wardrobe rod Panel par 36 led flood lights par 36 led landscape light bulbs par 36 led low voltage bulbs par 36 led waterproof par 36 warm white PAR36 par36 led landscape bulb Path Light Path Light Extension perma perma post perma post cap permapost permapost cap permapost stake PIR based motion detectors pir infrared body motion sensor pir motion detector light switch pir motion sensor control switch pir motion sensor light switch pir motion sensor switch for led light Plastic plastic end caps plastic end caps for rectangular aluminum tubing Pole Extension post Post Extension Post Lights post stake with cap post with cap post with pvc cap power cable profile pvc pvc mounting post pvc post pvc post with cap pvc with cap rail rail centre bracket rail end support brackets Rail Light Recessed recessed can recessed led Recessed LED can recessed light Recessed Retrofit Recessed Retrofit 3000K Recessed Retrofit 4000K Recessed Retrofit 5000K rectangular led end cap rectangular shaped end cap rectangular shaped end caps plastic rectangular wardrobe rail remodel Remote Residential Downlights retrofit Retrofit Kit RF rgb 30 channel dmx led light controller RGBW rgbw 6 core wire rgbw 6 strand wire RGBW brick light RGBW fixture rgbw signal wire RGBW wire roll rope light safety outlet Sconce Light bulb selectable self test Siemens signal wire single pole slim recessed SMD smoke smoke detector Soft White Spike Spot Light square square light Stainless Steel stake stake cap stake with cap step down transformer 120v to 12v Step Light strip light stripe light dimmer surface bracket mount surface mount bracket surface mount round bracket surface mounting bracket switch Switches t-bar tamper resistant toroidal toroidal coil transformer triangle triangle progile tuneable two sided UL UL943 voice alarm wall outlet wardrobe hanging rail centre support wardrobe rail centre bracket wardrobe rail centre support wardrobe rail centre support adjustable wardrobe rail centre support bracket wardrobe rail end support brackets wardrobe rail hanger rod socket wardrobe rail led lighting wardrobe rail led strip lights wardrobe rail lights wardrobe rod holder WARDROBE ROD RAIL SOCKET wardrobe rod rail socket end support bracket wardrobe round hanging rail warm white Waterproof waterproof 12v dc transformer waterproof electronic led driver 30W waterproof led power supply 12v 30w white wire wire center wire connection Wire Connector wire hub Wire Nut Wire Nut Grease wire nut with grease worry free zone Zone Control zone hub