7-32V DC 30 channel LED DMX30 Controller Decoder Dimmer Light Control

This LED DMX30 controller decoder converts a DMX control signal to an SPI digital signal. This product will work with 7-32V DC light. It can control every channel of the LED Lights, realizing 0-100% dimming and various changing effects. This DMX decoder light control has 2 DMX ports and 2 SPI ports. It consumes 2W power per channel. The DMX light decoder size is 190(L) x 96.3 (W)x 32.5 (H)mm. With the remote, you can easily control it wirelessly. SD card also included with the light controller.
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DMX port: 2 ports
SPI port: 2 ports
Input Voltage: 5 V DC, 7 - 32 V DC input, AC 12 V (Adaptor needed)
Power: 2W
Size: 190 x 96.3 x 32.5 mm ( L x W x H )
Accessories: SD card, Remote

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