AP46M Rectangular Rail Aluminum Channel LED Strip Light Cover End Caps


This product offers you the chance to decorate and brighten the dark areas of your house or accessories. The inner width of this Aluminum channel rail is 12.6mm and 0.47 LED strip light will suit inside the rail. With frosted cover, the rectangular aluminum channel rail will cover the LED and protect them from damage/dust, diffuses LED strip light, provides soft and uniform light.

The whole thing is ideal for decoration and accent lighting. Installing inside the wardrobe, under Kitchen cabinet, under counters, etc. The rail body is anodized aluminum for excellent protection. The size or dimension of the rail body is 98.42"(L) x 0.59"(W)  x 0.31"(H). Having end caps the two ends of the rail can be closed for further protection.

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Type: Aluminum Channel / Profile
Body Material: Anodized Aluminum
Finish: Frosted
Size: 98.42" (L) x .59" (W)  x .31" (H) 
Application: For LED Strip Light w/in 0.47" width (not included)

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