What are landscape lighting transformers?


 black low voltage power supply mounted on a wall plugged into an outdoor outlet

The Role of Landscape Lighting Transformers – Insightful Details

Outdoor lightings are part of modern-day residential and commercial spaces. It adds to the entire look of the place and ensures safety. The landscape lighting transformers have a specific role and are used to install top-rated low voltage lighting systems with them! Pay critical attention to the features of the transformer to distinguish the LED outdoor transformers from the rest.

What is a Landscape Lighting Transformer?

Landscape lighting is one of the most underrated improvements that homeowners oversee in their outdoor living. The transformers ensure powering of 12V low voltage lighting by converting or "transforming" the voltage. The landscape lighting transformers are safely converting line voltage (120V current) to low voltage (12V current). It reduces the power consumption of landscape lightings in the limited space and also eliminates the risk of electric shock. These kinds of transformers are favored accessories that allow lighting systems on and off as the sun rises and sets with the use of a photocell, a sunlight sensor.

The outdoor lighting transformers are made of magnetic devices, and these units are adequate for lighting landscapes. Install low-voltage landscape lights with the help of landscape lighting transformers. It is important to determine specific low-voltage landscape lights needed for the residents or commercial places. The wattage of the lights added together needs to be less than 80% of the transformer capacity to function effectively. Select the right kind of landscape transformers to deliver uninterrupted lights in the location.

Let us now look into the top benefits of landscape lights to understand the investment in lighting transformers –

1. It provides security & safety to the outdoor location.

Landscape lights provide the right view of the surroundings at night and ensure the safe passage of cars. The right kind of lighting makes the surroundings simple and safe for visitors & other family members. Avoid potential hazards like pools, edges, or outdoor stairways with outdoor lighting.

2. It enhances the functionality of outdoor spaces.

The other top benefit of outdoor lighting is the increased functionality of outdoor spaces. Enhance the functionality of your space and make it easily accessible to family members with the help of outdoor landscape lights. These landscape lights can also be used to create special themes for events or parties.

3. It enhances the aesthetics of the place.

Everyone wants to enhance the aesthetics of their yard with different modifications. One proven way of doing it will be to install the landscape lights that heighten and give perspective to the overall look and size of your yard. The lights extend the use of decks, patios, yards, and other outdoor spaces.

Homeowners at times fail to understand the importance of outdoor lights and end up installing the inefficient light system. Buy landscape lighting transformers that can light up the entire outdoor lighting system with one power supply. Reach out to a professional landscape lighting installer to get more details about the light systems and which transformer will suit your location. A well-designed lighting system secures the entire location while create an effect which maximizes the potential of your yard. Get the transformer from the right source to be able to support the landscape lights in the outdoor space. Feel free to contact us if you need help choosing the right transformer!

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