A well-lighted palm tree adds a dramatic effect at night and becomes a welcome view for friends and family. If you prop up a light and point it toward a palm tree, it can create a bland backdrop and wash out the features that you wanted to highlight. Learning how to light palm trees properly will highlight the pretty palm fronds and majestic trunks, and will add curb appeal to your home or business, as well as increase security.

When you decide to add lights for palm trees outdoors you don’t need to become a landscape architect or one of the landscape designers in the team to bring out the best in your garden, yard, and lawn. All you need is some outdoor lighting ideas, basic landscaping skills, a willingness to experiment.

Palm Tree Lighting

The fronds grab all of the attention, but the trunk can show off the stately palm tree in a number of stunning ways. To illuminate the gorgeous trunk, place an exterior lighting fixture at the base of the tree and point it towards the fronds. For larger trees, place one on each side of the tree so they cross as they travel up the trunk and the underside of the canopy.

The trunk can also be adorned with mini string lights. A palm tree that towers over a backyard or a squat stem that sits in a stately spot on your property can be shown off with this.

Plant Care suggests that to highlight the shape of the tree and not just the trunk, move the lights a few feet away from the base and angle them towards the tree at about 30 to 45 degrees. A warmer glow will be provided over the entire tree. It's more subtle and effective for a tree with a lot of features.

Palm Tree Lighting: It's important to emphasize the trunk texture and shape.

Spiked into the ground near the trunk of the palm tree and aiming straight up into the fronds or branches.

This light creates an effect of a canopy of light overhead by emphasizing the texture and shape of the trunk and pointing out the low hanging branches.

It gives dramatic garden accents and works best with palms and trees that are fairly open in their structure, but use it less to avoid a harsh, glaring effect.

Palm Tree Light: Lighting To Emphasize Tree or Shrub Shape

The lighting fixture should be placed several feet away from the palm tree's trunk and aimed up into the branches at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees.

The shape of the tree or shrub is usually emphasized by this lighting, which gives an exotic air to those with an interesting form.

It,s not the kind of light that can striking the eye with bright light, but it can be used more freely and effective with big trees which have gnarled, twisted-looking branches and limbs.

If you want the light to be focused away from your eyes, place the palm tree lighting fixture between the tree and your normal viewing position.

Higher branches, fronds, and leaves are emphasized by lighting.

To create appealing garden ornaments with the use of lighting and plants, start by fastening up the branches of large open trees or long palm tree fronds.

This light should be directed upward from a low branch or fork in the tree to light up the branches and leaves above it.

Direct the light downward at a slight angle away from the normal point of view if you want to see a large tree from one side only.

This creates the effect of a canopy of light overhead by illuminating the outermost branches. The lighting should be used cautiously to avoid the annoying glare.

Lighting To Emphasize Over All Tree or Shrub Shape

Fastened as high as possible to a nearby building or structure or even to another tree. This side lighting models the over-all shape and foliage of the denser trees and shrubs most effectively.

The sources of lights should be close to the house so that they don't shine into your eyes.

Due to the risk of producing glare in your neighbor's house or in the eyes of those approaching your own house, it's difficult to install this lighting on the average home grounds.


Q: What lights to use for palm trees?

A: Mood lamps or bullet-type Spotlight light fixtures are the basics for lighting outdoor trees and illuminate palm trees. When lighting palm trees, string lights and LED lighting units make lights on a palm take on a whole new look, especially the palm tree.

Some of the most popular Spot Lights are given below

 Spot Light Fixtures:

CD12 (Add Picture)

CD20 (Add Picture)

CD30 (Add Picture)

CDR12 (Add Picture)

CDR30 (Add Picture)

Q: How do you light up a palm tree?

A: A light fixture with a beam wide enough to reach the entire canopy of the palm tree is the best way to feature wide, thick fronds. The light bathes the canopy in light if it is placed far away. A warm light will illuminate the shadows and depth of the fronds on the palm tree.

Q: How many lights are needed for a palm tree?

A: A palm tree will generally require two lights to adequately light up its trunk and branches. Larger clusters of palms tree may require four or more lights. When selecting a light fixture for a palm tree, it is important to consider the height of the palm. Many light fixtures are not tall enough to light up a palm's trunk and branches. High quality Spot Lights are needed to lit the top of the palm tree.

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