Landscape lighting is an essential component of outdoor lighting. It can be used to illuminate walkways, gardens, and driveways, and it can even be used to illuminate pathways in parking lots. Whether you’re planning a new landscape, or simply want to make your existing garden look more beautiful, this guide will help you calculate the exact cost of landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting Cost Guide:

Landscape lighting offers a wide range of options that can fit in any budget, style and purpose. The cost of installing landscape lighting depends on a number of factors, including the size of your property, the type of lighting fixture to be used, and the method of installation.

The cost of landscape lighting will vary depending on the number of fixtures, the type of lights used, and the location of the lights. This figure does not include the installation of the fixtures or any electrical wiring. If you plan to install lights yourself, you may be able to save some money by doing the work yourself. The only complication that can arise is where additional wiring and electrical outlets are required. In this case, you will need to hire a professional electrician to handle the wiring issues.

Most landscape lighting projects range from $1,000 to $5,000. The average cost of landscape lighting is approximately $80 to $150 per light fixture. Although the price of installing landscape lighting can vary depending on a number of factors, or even more depending on the size of the project and other variables. For example, if your homes backyard is of a standard size of about 800 square feet, you will spend an average cost of about $4000 to install 20 lighting fixtures, some contractors might charge more or less as several factors impact the price of installing landscape lighting.    

Landscape lighting costs.

Cost of Materials:

Depending on the features in your yard and the installation style, the cost of installing landscape lighting is vastly different. Most homes have a standard yard of about 800 square feet and which requires about 20 lighting fixtures.

The cost of lighting is between $80 and $150 per fixture. The average cost of 20 lighting fixture will be between $1600 and $3000 based on that price per fixture. The price of the fixture can be higher than we have indicated if you are planning to use premium fixtures.

For the outdoor lighting project, LED light bulbs are one of the top choices. They are energy efficient, last longer, and are eco-friendly. However, the initial cost of purchase is higher than other lighting options.

If you are going to use light bulbs for your landscape lighting project, you will need to spend between $800 and $1200. Wiring for the outdoor lighting will cost you about $200.

Here the costs for common light fixtures used in landscape lighting projects.

Floodlights: In landscape lighting, floodlights are a common lighting option. They are bright outdoor lights that are used to illuminate large spaces for security reasons. You will find them attached to structures and buildings. The cost is expected to be between $50 and $100 per floodlight.

Path lights: Path lights are use to in most parts of the yard for different lighting needs. They illuminate pathways, walkways, trees, etc. Path lights averagely cost about $80 to $150 each.

Spotlights: The light fixture is attached to the ground to illuminate the patio, deck, porches, and pools. They create a sophisticated atmosphere. There are a variety of shapes, styles, and colors for spotlights. You can use spotlights to portray a particular theme and create a unique personal style. The cost of spotlights varies from $50 to $100 per spotlight.

Labor cost:

if you hire a professional contractor for the installation of landscape lighting fixtures, expect to spend an average cost of $60 to $100 per hour on labor. This cost is not inclusive of the cost of the light fixtures and materials. Most homeowners spend about $250 to $350 per fixture on a professional. This includes the cost of materials and labor. However,  the cost of hiring a contactor can be higher than indicated depending on the type of light fixtures to be installed.

It is possible to hire a landscape lighting designer to come up with a lighting plan for your outdoor spaces. An additional cost of about $500 is what you should expect. Depending on the dimensions of your property, the designer will come up with an elaborate plan for your landscape lighting system.

Additional Cost Consideration

If you are going to install more lights in your yard, you will need to make sure that the transformer you have is able to handle the additional voltage. The transformer will need to be replaced if it can't handle the additional voltages. At the cost of about $200, you can add power to the transformer to increase its voltage. The cost to replace the transformer is $350 to as much as $1500 for a larger home.

If you have an existing landscape light in your space, you will need to retrofit and change the wiring to make room for your new landscape lighting system. The overall cost of the exterior lighting project will be increased by 20% as a result of this process.

Adding an electrical outlet to accommodate the new lighting may be necessary for your landscape lighting project. You will pay an average of $200 per outlet for additional outlets.

600 foot run for a single light, which is on the extreme, will add to the overall cost of installing that particular fixture if you need to run the cables longer than the standard length.

The cost of landscape lighting installation will increase as a result of custom drilling and cutting.

Adding a timer clock or remote operation will add to the total cost of the lighting project. It is possible to use the remote control operation on tablets or even on a phone. Adding a time clock will cost you between $50 and $130, while a remote operation control will cost between $1000 and 15000.


Finally, the right lighting can also help you enjoy the beauty of your garden all year round. You can set your lights to turn on and off at certain times of the day.

Landscape lighting is not only beautiful, but it can also be cost-effective. I hope this helps you to understand how much landscape lighting costs and how it can add value to your home.

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