If you are looking for some cool lighting ideas for your backyard, here are some great outdoor lighting ideas that you can try out for your garden. Whether the nice weather hits or not, outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular.

The outdoor kitchen is being used, the pool is open, and the fire pit is burning. The swimming and barbecuing shouldn't end at night, because you should be enjoying the water or fire all day long.

Installing backyard lighting is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space and to add more security to your backyard, even if you aren’t thinking of doing so. It’s important to consider the type of light that will work best for your backyard. Summer is the best time to light your backyard. Here are the top 7 ways to light your backyard this summer!

1. Go up the Retaining Wall:

Adding lights to your back yard is always a good idea if you have any type of retaining wall. If you want to add light to the backyard, adding light fixtures along the edges of the backyard will prevent dark spots from forming near the edges. This creates a strong ring of security to the property.

Retaining Wall Outdoor Lights:

We can add lighting to a retaining wall by using the wall lighting technique. Retaining Wall Outdoor lights are hung low, illuminating the entire property and bringing the hardscape to life at night. It highlights the beauty of the hardscape and the surrounding landscape, which otherwise would be lost and unseen when the sun goes down.

2. Brighten the Walks & Steps:

Light the paths and walk around the yard is a necessity for backyard lighting. When we light the walks it makes walking at night easier for both you and your guests. It can be used to guide you to the outdoor living spaces, fire pits, and pools. Adding lighting to steps can help to avoid trips and falls.

We have a pick for Brighten the Walks & Steps:

Path Lights:

The lights with the hats that shine down toward the ground are path lights. With the name, you’d probably guess that it’s most commonly used to illuminate pathways, but it can also be used for steps, too. These lights are installed along a walk, path or step, so that the fixture is directed towards the path or step.

Step Lights:

A Step Light is a fixture that is designed to become one with a stair. This step side lighting is installed in the step vertical face and casts a soft light to help guide you and your guests. As the step light is installed directly into the step itself, it’s barely noticeable in the daytime.

3. Spice up Your Backyard Living Space:

It's good to invest your money in an outdoor living space - you get to enjoy it all year long, no matter how. If you bring natural light into your outdoor living spaces, it will create an amazing and wonderful ambiance to the entire area.

We have a pick for Backyard Living Space:

String Lights:

String lights are great additions to any outdoor space, and can easily turn a backyard into a party place. They can make an area look festive and add a special touch to any gathering. String lights are a great way to add a little extra ambiance to your backyard living space. They're simple and easy to string up, and they will last for years.

4. Light Your Dining Area:

When you eat outdoors, it can make for an extraordinary experience. But without the proper lighting to illuminate your outdoor dining area, the time spent enjoying your meal can be cut short by the setting sun. The backyard will be lit when we're having a summer or winter party, making sure the meal is never rushed and both you and your guests are able to enjoy the food in front of them.

We have a pick for Light Your Dining Area:

Down Lights:

Down lights are mounted high in the surrounding trees or architecture. The lighting in this room is a popular design element. It gives the space a soft glow and creates a warm ambiance. It's similar to the same kind of natural light that you get from moonlight.

5. Bring Light to Your Fire Pit:

Light an outdoor fire pit is the best way to add safety to your backyard. Fire pit's ultimate goal is to create a relaxing, romantic, or welcoming atmosphere. You want your guests to be able to move around the area with ease and comfort, without getting burned.

We have a pick for your Fire Pit:

Retaining Wall Outdoor Lighting:

Installed under the edges of a permanent fire pit or a sitting wall, under cap lights create an attractive appearance to the fire pit area. Since these lights are installed under the edges, the lights shine downward to the ground, giving you that much-needed safety around the fire.

Path Lights:

To ensure safe access to a fire, it is always best to add path lighting. A fire pit needs to be well lit. It should be placed in a light area so that it's easily visible by guests. If you want to know how to get out to the bonfire, you’ll need to find the path to get to the bonfire. Path lights are a must have for young people who want to be sure to find their way home at night.

6. Light the Trees:

Adding outdoor lighting to your backyard is one of the most common ways to add lighting to your backyard. It makes a beautiful space even more beautiful, and trees especially need the special kind of lighting provided by string lights. Backyards can be filled with so many activities that you may have no idea where to start. Trees are a beautiful thing; they need proper lighting in order to flourish.

We have a pick to Light the Trees:

Spot Lights:

Directional up lights are ideal for trees because they are extremely versatile. For trees like the cottonwood tree, directional up lights are perfect. They have the ability to adjust their angle and allow us to hit the target just right. This highlights the tree and gives the backyard dimension at night.

Flood Lights:

Flood Lights are great when you need a fixture that's simple and low profile. They are perfect for lightening the top of a Japanese maple that's growing close to the ground. This allows you to light the tree from the lowest level of the tree to the highest level of the tree.

7. Illuminate the Gate:

One of the most important areas to add light to your backyard is the gate. Putting in lights in your yard will create a nice environment for your family and will help you keep an eye on what is happening on your property. There are many ways to light the edges of your property and keep your home protected, but when the lights are lit, it helps to deter trespassers and make your home look more secure.

We have a pick for Illuminate the Gate:

Retaining Wall Outdoor Lights:

We love to add lighting to a backyard gate. Wall lights are a great way to add a beautiful and inexpensive way to improve a backyard look. These lighting fixtures are attached directly to the fence posts and subtly illuminate the edges of the property. The fixture is a small unit, so it provides just enough light for the garden to be illuminated evenly. This is another fixture that is hardly noticeable during the day.


In conclusion, Outdoor Lighting Ideas, is an extremely useful guide for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. From garden lamps to outdoor spotlights, it is chock full of beautiful, creative, and practical ideas that will transform your outdoor space into a warm, welcoming place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re decorating your patio, entertaining friends and family, or simply enjoying nature in the privacy of your own home, the ideas in this article we will help you design an outdoor space you’ll want to spend more time in.

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